Friday, June 12, 2009

Top reasons why it would suck to work for NASA

You can't say cool phrases like it's not rocket science, because odds are it is.

Everyone you talk to outside of work is probably dumber than you.

They only let the "real astronauts" drink the tang.

If you have a bad day at work and screw up odds are you just blew up half a building.

Astronauts have no sense of time and call at like 2 in the morning with the "we have a problem" crap.

They get mad when you program planet of the apes scenario in the flight simulator.

You have to work in Houston Texas

You have to live near Houston Texas

Your neighbors will most likely be Texans

Everyone you talk to out of work is not only dumber than you but you are in Texas which lowers the bar quite a bit.

Everybody gets really jumpy, when for April fools you switched the hydrogen cell for the worlds largest silly string can. Seriously take a joke people.

Every person you talk to will ask you "so have you been in space?"

Nobody will take your suggestions for the new shuttle name seriously. What was wrong with The Tang-inator, Moon Buster 4000, or The Ricken Socket Robot Rocket.

It took 20 billion dollars to get a photo of Mars and more people will look at an Angelina Jolie picture than at your life's work.

You have to live in Texas.

They let monkeys go into space but not you.

They let "frat boy Armstrong" into space but not you.

You work with the worlds coolest Rover but everyone gets upset when you borrow it to go to the seven eleven for a drink run.

People get angry when you eat your lunch in the anti gravity room. But jello in zero G just tastes better.

When you used the spinney machine to mix your paint can they gave you a demerit. It's not your fault the lid came loose while going 737 miles an hour.

No one laughed at the fill a bag full of air and pop it next to your bosses head when he is checking the highly explosive fuel ratios.

You have to live in Texas.


me,myself, and I said...

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe and you have to live in Texas.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

I live in Texas... and Nasa supports EVERYONE Down here. How could you make fun of them? THey put a MAN ON THE MOON??? SERIOUSLY? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD....

Someone is just jealous HE didn't get to go the moon.


Tonia said...

Dr. Pepper, BBQ, Patriotism, Tex-Mex, rodeos.....I like Texas!

Syden said...

Racism, bad tooth (see what I did there), Rodeos (you gave that one to me for free), Big Hair, Crappy Water, Fire Ants, The weather (hot and humid the rain is even hot), Texas roads where designed by a drunken midget on a dare, Texas heat seriously summer is not supposed to be 5 months long, Texas drivers, Austin Traffic, And Texas Bravado as dumb as the state is big.

They actually lost the Alamo you know

me,myself, and I said...

Texans are the only ones that don't know they staged the moon landing in hollywood