Monday, June 22, 2009

The Game of Life

Confessions of a hippo: Honestly I wasn't all that hungry hungry but I knew that if I didn't eat those disgusting pellets I would be called a looser.

Police today solve another crime by cheating and looking in the envelope. The commissioner had this to say: "Look people we just couldn't put together all the clues, and we all knew where the answer was." Professor plumb was arrested later that day exclaiming that he never would have been caught had the police just played fair.

An area man was investigated by child protective services earlier this week evidently he was nearing the end of his life and sold his four children for extra points. While there is technically a rule for it most agree that it is just bad form.

Wall street received and upset when Boardwalk and Park Place both had to be mortgaged in a single day. The owner thought he was secure with his purchases but most believe his addiction to ridding railroads and his excessive spending at the Waterworks and Electric company led to his downfall. He had this to say: "Sure I landed in jail a few times but I never got free parking and that's why I am going to loose it all."

In military news another battle ship was sunk off the coast of Maine today it was heard firing at its supposed target but never seemed to hit. When asked why they didn't just move their ship or try and see where their enemies might be instead of firing blindly the fleet commander simply replied, that would be cheating.


pipsmithy said...

I love battleship

me,myself, and I said...

if your name is Ryan, boardwalk and park place are just fine. Just look under the board and get the extra $500 that is magically waiting for you there. All things come to those who are prepared.

Tonia said...

Fixed the comp last night. I like the idea of selling your kids in the game of Life. So tempted sometimes.