Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogging the final frontier

These are the stories of people who literally have nothing better to do than spout mindless dribble on the internet, and in the spirit of that here goes. The following are truly random thoughts.

The color red has to many meanings; stop, love, heart, blood, hot, pain, powerful, emergency, Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China, it is the color of mourning in South Africa, and is associated with communist rule. Oh I get it red is the color of relationships. In other words it means what ever the hell my girlfriend decides it means at any given moment.

Movies that didn't make it:
Back to the future 4: Rise of the machines
Ghostbusters III: Why we shouldn't have crossed the streams
Better off dead II: Still better off dead
The most recent hulk: Oh sorry this belongs in the shouldn't have been made category
The Land Before Time part 10: The oil field
Star Trek the wrath of Khan Jr.: This time it's really wrathful

How many half human half green moon princess Captain Kirk's do you suppose are out there? And do you think he flies around in a space ship to avoid child support?

I bought a new bed to try and cure my insomnia (sorry readers) it did not have the desired effect. Now its like I'm not sleeping on a cloud.

I cheated on my long time breakfast companion while I was eating the breakfast burrito I was thinking about an egg McMuffin I am so ashamed.

I think if appliances started coming to life the one we would have to worry about would be the copy machine. After all we sat on it with no pants on made 20 copies then didn't call the next day.


Tonia said...

I like the Land Before Time: The Oil Field. Can it get an early release to special customers so we get a heads up on where the fields are?

me,myself, and I said...

That's where all the useless fathers of the world are, floating around in space. And No you can't borrow my copy machine.