Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I hated School

seseme street

I can’t do any kind of alphabetizing without singing that stupid song over and over again.

I often wonder why George Washington cut down a cherry tree just to prove that he wouldn’t lie about it, but at the same time it makes me think of him as an axe wielding psycho with a blood lust for sap with trophies of his exploits like his wooden teeth. (Side note: History teachers do not like it when you question them on things like this.)

Recess was my first experience with gang rivalry.

I am still upset about having to learn cursive just to sign my damn name on a check.

My Major in College was theater (I don’t know why either) I never taken a single computer class... I am an IT manager.

The closest application I have come to using art appreciation is laughing at something scrawled on a bathroom wall.

Teachers always told me there was no extra credit in real life. The careful application of a Christmas gift with a steady stream of butt kissing is exactly like extra credit.

Success is not 99% sweat 1% talent. It is in fact 20% work, 79% who your Dad’s friends are, oh and 1% talent if you actually got the job on merit.

I am still waiting to use the calculus I was told I would need later in life.


Kit Walker said...

I agree-school sucked because being kept locked up in there prevented me from running round loose in the woods like a wild animal.

And you're right-having a head stuffed full of knowledge doesn't open any doors, unless someone behind it says you're cool to come in.

Tonia said...

Love the pictures.

me,myself, and I said...

but you were so good in school