Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why you Women don’t understand us men

It finally clicked the other day why women don’t understand us men. And I know there have been articles and studies done on the subject. Probably millions of dollars sunk into understanding the delicate ego that is the male mind. Well guess what, those studies where done by women. (Also while reading this article if you do it in your best Zapp Brannigan voice from Futurama it helps drive the point home) They couldn’t possibly understand the complexities of the man’s man or even better the man’s man’s man.
Let me break it down for you.
While you women where playing with my little ponies us men where playing with G.I. Joes. Now would you 20 years later want to go see a my little ponies movie? No, that’s stupid. Would I want to go see a G.I. Joes movie? I am going again in twenty minutes.
You used to play tea party with your little dollies. Sure you can do that now but it’s boring your friends that like tea are pretentious. I used to play in the mud with my toys. I still play in the mud with my toys the only difference is my toys are cooler now.
It even comes down to food as a child you liked hot dogs cut up in Mac and cheese now you like salad and healthy crap. I also liked hot dogs in Mac and cheese and I just had it for lunch. The only reason I didn’t have steak is because it takes to long to cook, and I didn’t have a woman to cook it for me. So while you are changing year to year us men are staying the same. Stop looking for our subtitle changing ways you knew us when we where 5 and we are pretty much the same the only difference is you don’t have as many cooties now.


Tonia said...

We still have tea parties we just call them 'girl's night out' and we still like My Little Pony movies - we just now call them 'chick flicks'. Hmmm, maybe the difference is that won't admit that we didn't grow up and it irks us that you wear it on your shoulder. Just a thought.

Kit Walker said...

Hey I've always known that men are little boys. My problem is that I can't stand children, even when I was one.

And I eat all those salads cause I hate to cook.

So how are you feeling?

me,myself, and I said...

Any one feeling the Peter Pan syndrome in the air

Leeuna said...

I'm a girl and I still like to play in the mud. I like to sit in the mud and have tea parties. Does that count? (Actually I like 4-wheelin')

Are you feeling better? just askin'.


Syden said...

No I'm not better but since you asked twice I wont get angry and start the killing spree. Almost a month of tests and no diagnosis yet. Thanks for asking :)

Allie said...

I was raised in a very male-predominated environment, but I am not male enough to COMPLETELY understand men and I sure as hell do not understand other women at all. I am just stuck in this nebulous in-between region of not completely understanding either sex. I suspect that this is kind of how robots feel. I need to find some robot friends...

Danielle Fox said...

Surely robots would understand everything though? Unless you're empathizing with a faulty robot, in which case i apologize.