Friday, August 21, 2009

My thoughts about things

Global Warming: I think its a good thing because I was a bit chilly this morning.

Gay Marriage: I know most people wont touch this with a ten foot pole but I think that gays should have the right to get half their stuff taken away by an upset ex. Also with common law marriage laws in some states it would be funny to tell roommates that they have been living together for a year and now they are legally married.

Cheese Graters: Love em' how else are you going to make super delicious nachos?

President Barack Obama: If all the rumors are to be believed he is the Savior, the anti Christ, Going to kill old people, going to save old people, American, Islamic, Related to Hussein, Not black, extra black, and in a conspiracy to destroy/save American life as we know it. Now if all these things are true and both sides seem to think they are then he will implode any day now because all forces are in exact equidistant proportion and the slightest breeze will cause an intimidate implosion followed by the creation of a Black hole (no puns of any kind intended).

Health Care: Now if I am reading the news all the crazies are saying that this new health care bill will kill all old people and are outraged by it. The opposing side is denying this, so the only thing they seem to agree on is that killing old people is bad. But have they given this serious thought? If we in fact start offing old people then we don't have to worry so much about medicare, population control, and that one guy who goes 22 miles an hour on the freeway. The downside is that the mothball industry will take a serious hit as well as the butterscotch hard candy districts and Matlock reruns will have to be stopped immediately.

Blogging: If these thoughts did not get down somewhere I think I would probably have gone crazy a long time ago... Well crazier.


Just Sayin' said...

I simply cannot believe you actually like cheese graters! I mean what are you... A NAZI? How you can abide the senseless grating of innocent cheese to be gobbled up as a tasty topping on nachos is beyond me...

You sir are sick!

Tonia said...

Common law marriage is seven years. How long have you and your roomies been living together now?

Sorcerer said...

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