Thursday, August 27, 2009

The worst ideas I have had for blogs so far

When trying to come up with something amusing everyday to blog about sometimes you just run out of ideas. But on the other hand I do have scruples here are some of the topics that got thrown out.

1. Blogging: Who wants to read a blog about blogging, wait forget you read this one.

2. The joys of abstinence: I tried to convince myself that it was joyful not getting any, but then I started crying uncontrollably.

3. Popcorn: After butter and salt I started thinking about going to movies alone then the joys of abstinence and started crying again.

4. Being Nice to people: I just honestly couldn't think of anything to say so I didn't say anything at all

5. Why I hate pickles: I might do this one on a 'desperate for ideas' day in the future but I figured who the hell cares.

6. The Worst ideas I have had for blogs so far: oh um well it's a slow day

7. What it's like to get a good nights sleep: I tried for hours but had no real life comparisons so I gave up.

8. Blank page: I tried but it wouldn't let me publish it for some reason

9. 10 best blogs: Then I thought I shouldn't tell you because then you might not read mine anymore

10. The top 10 reasons women wont date me: I figure if they read any of my previous posts this just becomes redundant.


Drowsey Monkey said...

lol @ 9. Well...all of them really.

I would like further info on the pickle thing tho, seeing how I love them.

Syden said...

Challenge accepted look for franken pickle blog as to why I don't like your evil snack!

Allie said...

RE: #10

A woman who wouldn't consider dating someone with a sense of humor like yours is out of her mind. Sadly, most women are out of their minds and completely inept at finding quality men. I apologize for my gender as a whole.

Loser said...