Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally random and sort of conspiracy related

Global warming is a conspiracy by Women who are chilly and don't want to wear that unflattering sweater.

Hospitals are open 24/7 so why does it take 5 days to get a test done? Because I am sure there is only one actual doctor and 900 interns.

The "failed economy" is just a plan to fight immigration we figure if it gets bad enough here maybe people will just go home. This has been in beta in the state of Texas for the past 75 years.

Fat people are the new majority. hehe get it.

New politics idea. Take all the left wing liberals and the right wing nut jobs and lock them in a room without food or water. I am guessing the entire political system will stabilize in about 5 years.

New study shows that 6 out of 5 women are bad at math.

Congratulations to Colgate the 5th dentist caved and now they are all recommending brushing your damn teeth. (This comment made after a meeting with someone with bad breath)

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Tonia said...

majority....I get it.