Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Show reviews part II

Family Guy: Mentally retarded father of three submits family to emotional and physical abuse to hide his rampant alcoholism.

How I met your Mother: 5 socially stunted friends spend all their free time in a bar.

General Hospital: A show not generally about a hospital.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?: Probably not if you are watching this show

Dollhouse: Director Joss Whedon's experiment to see how far he can push fans before they literally tear him limb from limb. Also hotness from Eliza Dushku.

Mental: Doctor of psychology has self as patient.

America's got talent: Ironic title pokes fun at self.

Smallville: Teenager deals with changing body and mineral allergy.

Supernatural: Brothers forced to work together to run family business.

Reaper: Man works diligently to pay back loan.

CSI: In depth look at how to get away with future crimes.

Dexter: Blood analyst looks for new samples.

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Tonia said...

Can we do requests? I want some movie reviews. Something like, vertically challenged people get noticed by destroying antique jewelery. The best reviews would be for movies like Napolean Dynamite. Socially challenged teenager catches a delicious bass. That actually might be what it says on the back.