Monday, September 28, 2009

It's probably the fuel filter

Sometimes I enjoy trolling yahoo answers to give back to the community I am hoping for best answer on this one.

Original poster:
My boyfriend is cheating on me what do I do?
Last night I left my boyfriends house I got a few miles down the street and my car stalled and broke down because I live pretty far away I just decided to walk back to his house. It took me about 40 minutes and when I got there I could see through the window he was kissing some other girl. I was crushed we have been dating for over 6 months and she didn't look familiar at all. I stood there for a while in disbelief but I didn’t know what to do so I just left. What do I do I really like this guy and I don’t want to loose him but I am just so confused right now?

Syden Insomniac:
If the car stalls all the time, the general reason is that there is probably either a fuel or an ignition problem causing the engine to cut out. Of course, there could be any number of things wrong with your car if it stalls during normal driving (i.e., not when starting from stationary). I recommend a tune-up also it would be a good idea to check your spark plugs, and charging system, and when was the last time you changed your fuel filter?


Tonia said...

Mr. Sensitivity.

Syden said...

Car trouble is no laughing matter... well except this time.

Loser said...
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Loser said...

"Comment deleted"? gee, subtle.
I was going to correct myself; and say "Best answer I have read" instead of seen.


me,myself, and I said...

hehehehehehehehehe so cute