Friday, September 4, 2009

Syden's Random Thoughts

Once it again it is time for another installment of Syden's random thoughts

Clowns are supposed to be funny but end up being scary. So you can see how when I painted your cat it was supposed to be amusing, not kill it.

I think you'll find that your razor is really dull and you need to shave for a super important meeting the cheese grater makes a poor substitute.

It is possible to fit a pool ball into an average sized mouth, it is not possible to take it out again without extreme effort because the jaw locks. Also it is hard to call for help when you swoundsw wike wlithhhh *followed by gentle muffled weeping*

I think if I was narcissistic that I would be the best narcissist ever I mean I would be so awesome.

I think that if I tree falls in the woods that it does make a sound, especially if it falls on a beaver.

If I could go back in time and warn myself about one thing it would be that most horrible of days I had. But I wouldn't use the argument I used last time because I didn't listen to me.

I think that if I owned a tamed raptor from the dinosaur era that knew all kinds of tricks like don't eat the neighbors, it would probably be a bad idea to feed it heavy narcotics... I'm just saying.


Syden said...

The pool ball story did happen to me I was home alone and it took three hours of prying to get it out.

Hobbes said...


Danielle Fox said...

Clowns are just paedophiles with make up. Well more make up. Like ice cream truck drivers, just with fewer sprinkles. Cheese graters also make shoddy substitutes for back scratching devices but you do end up scarring in a really neat pattern and can let your friend find jesus's face in said scars. Its 4am here. *sigh

Loser said...

Did you try chewing on the pool ball. lmfao

shewrites2live said...

These are great. You have a neat imagination, lol :) Great blog.

Justin Abbasi said...

great blog, loved the nostalgic cartoon themes

Drowsey Monkey said...

why would anyone put a pool ball in their mouth? Anyhoo ... clowns freak me out. In a bad way.