Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mind pics

I have scoured the web to find pictures that mess with the mind, huh actually they just kind of found me. Well anyways enjoy, you will need to click on them to see them full size. Answers at the bottom if you can't figure it out.

















1.The girl at the top has an upside down face features look at her more closely.
2.Top of the stairs
3.Middle upper left face in the tree branches looks like a black hobo
4.He is in the wall!!!!
5.Simple optical illusion when you look at any of the circles they stop spinning.
6.They are not sitting on anything.
7.Above his head and to the right blurred face in the trees.
8.Left bottom on the half wall scary girl like something.
9.Description says it all nothing to see here OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE!
10.Left and right of center they are guys with cones on their heads not missiles.
11.Below the red dot in the hole.
12.Just a gym with balloons, wait what the hell is THAT! Center left
13.Look at it from a distance, no seriously scoot back from your computer.
14.T-Rex in the clouds.
15.Face on the ear.
16.Entire right hand side is a face; after you see it you can’t not see it.


Danielle Fox said...

No 2. Resulted in some not very lady-like language.. And I nearly choked on my coffee which would've been such a waste. Pretty cool pics :) I must be the most unobservant person on the planet cos I needed explanations for all but 1. Either that or I'm retarded. For obvious reasons I prefer the former option.

Tonia said...

I don't like the scary face ones right before I'm about to go to bed at night. I'm not seeing the stairs or the scoot back from your computer thing (I see that one side gets darker but what is it suppose to be?) Maybe I'm just really tired.

Syden said...

There are eyes looking at you like right at the top of the stairs between the cracks, Step back like 3 or 4 feet from your computer on the other one and it looks like a big stuffed bear oh and he wants to eat your soul. (Right before bed that's hilarious) have nice dreams muahahaha.

Danielle Fox said...

Isn't that pedo bear? Looks like him..

Amelia said...

Just had to point it out, even if this is a very old post - second picture, bottom right hand corner. Anyone else see something rather demented-looking in the plaster(think . . . . Richard D James)? Also, these pictures fuck me up. So thanks for that.