Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah the joys of IT Managing

So as an IT Manager every now and then I get a fun message at 11:00 at night. It says something like critical error and I have to get out of the bed I was pretending to sleep in and drive to work. Why you ask? Say it's my mail server, if my coworkers and bosses loose even one email I have given them ammo to complain about even more things then they already do, and a reason not to work. Since it is my goal in life to give them no excuse what so ever for them to not do their jobs I have to take care of the problem day or night. Now it's 3 am I am still here and probably will be for another few hours. Ah the joys of IT Management.


unrecognizable said...

sorry you had to work, but thanks for the day off. I love being your employee

pipsmithy said...

Whose side are you on?? Come on, I like not working!!

Tonia said...

Is that why you didn't call me on Friday?
BTW, I need you to go and see the movie Wolverine and tell me if it is worth getting a babysitter for. :)