Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An ode to Twitter

My boss asked me about twitter yesterday he keeps reading that Opera, congress, and his next door neighbor are all on twitter. He asked for my honest opinion about it, this is what I sent him. He hasn't responded yet but I did notice he scheduled a meeting with HR. I love my job.

An Ode To Twitter
I went to twitter to post some tweats
That no one honestly cares to read
Random crap about my day
How I was bored on the freeway
How cool is this? I exclaim!
Every moment no matter how lame
Now you can read about my number two,
my grocery list, and my trip to the zoo
Every second I can add a tweat
I know what your thinking what a wonderful treat
Well your wrong, no seriously!
I could give a rats ass where you would rather be
I don't care that you stubbed your toe,
or how fast your nails grow
If you have something to say call my phone,
send me a text, or leave me alone!
Twitter you bastard you've doomed us all!
This will be how mankind falls!
If you want to tell me about your trip to Prague
Shut the hell up and get a blog.

1 comment:

Syden said...

Update: They just got out of the HR meeting and they all looked at me then quickly looked away. I have no idea what that means.