Thursday, May 14, 2009

Questions for everyman, and you.

Lonesome Dove = Happy pillow. Lets face it that bird was one tequila shooter from offing himself anyways. Mmm so soft.

Why can you have people cremated but not stuffed and made to look like zombies for Halloween decorations? I mean what kind of sick world do we live in where people like me can come up with stuff like this? Wait.....

Are people who are against abortion also against omelets because I never see them protesting at the I-Hop? And if they are not isn't that kind of specie-ist?


unrecognizable said...

I agree nice and soft!!! As for the omelet, haven't you seen the chickens holding the signs saying "eat more beef"

Tonia said...

Eggs aren't technically chickens yet, you can have a chicken and eggs without a rooster. Makes me not want to think about my food too much before I eat it.