Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 4 day weekend

Sorry no posts on Friday and yesterday I had a rather interesting weekend.

My Brother lets me know that he is broken down in the deserts of California and that his engine is blown. We have family a few hours away so he gets a ride but is stuck needing to be in Utah (where I am from) as soon as possible. Well he starts looking into buying himself a new truck but can't find exactly what he is looking for. So I decided to help him out, Utah has a much better selection to choose from and soon I am at a dealership for 6 hours hammering out a good deal. So because he is not there to sign anything I put it all in my name so I can drive the truck off the lot and get going to save my stranded brother.
I drive the 12 hours to California.
Spend some time getting things in order like getting the load we need to haul back (the reason he was there in the first place.)
Head out early to go get his actual car. Luck would have it that his car is towing a trailer big enough that his old car will fit on it. Bad luck the trailer hitch pin is not the right size for the new truck. So we spend an hour at a gas station asking everyone with a truck if we can buy theirs off of them. Now we have the pin we hook up the fully loaded trailer and we are off a lot later than we had anticipated and the few hours it takes to get everything situated in the 110 degree weather has given me the onset of heat stroke.
20 miles down the road, still Sunday:
We hear an explosion and realize we have just shredded a trailer tire. With the seven thousand pound load we are hauling it takes us a bit of time and cunning to actually change the tire. But now we are without a spare tire and with our luck so far that is just not sitting well. So we find a place in Baker California (tire blow out center of the universe) that will come in after hours charge us our first born child but get us a new tire.
Late at night, still Sunday:
By the time we get to Vegas it is midnight and I am still suffering from the sun exhaustion so we decide to get a room and head out the next morning.
I am supposed to be back at work but am still in Vegas. Towing a heavy load and feeling a little sick. We don't pull into Utah until 6 but still have to go to the dealership to redo all the paper work so that my brothers new truck is not still in my name. My brother regales at least 5 people at the dealership with our epic story the process takes 3 times longer than it needed to. By 8 I am finally at home but have to go into work and take care of some things so I don't get to bed till around 2:30
My alarm goes off at 5 I stare at it knowing the loathing that it must have for me that it likes to hurt me this way.
Still Tuesday:
Get on blog at work and let people know why I have not been posting.
Right now:
Reread this and realize it is almost as long as my weekend but decide to post it anyways.


unrecognizable said...

You are a saint and a good brother. I would ask if you had a good time but that would be cruel.

Tonia said...

Come on, you know you had fun.