Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'll show future me who's boss once and for all!

If I ever meet future me and he tells me that I need to do something to save mankind I don't think I'll do it. Because lets face it savior of humanity just doesn't get you as much action as you think it would and if all goes right then people would always be like 'the world probably would have been fine anyways.' So I say let em burn that will show them!

If we learned tomorrow that the internet causes cancer I think that would just make me search Wikipedia for confirmation. Then possible cures to the problem on webMD and then when all else failed I could order a tomb stone and burial plot from ebay.

When I get old I hope that I get Alzheimer's then I can rewatch all my favorite T.V. shows as if for the first time. It's gonna be great! I can't wait to see Firefly for the first time again I am going to be so excited.

Have you ever wondered why the ABC's song and twinkle twinkle little star have the exact same tune?

I would like to believe that life on other planets is not only possible but that they have seen us and decided not to mess with us. Because we will cut you !@$#$!

At first we believed that the world was flat, then round, I think that it was a square that got a sexy new look as a birthday present from a secret atomic admirer.
Why can't you love her for who she is on the inside!? A burning inferno of love under extreme pressure with a crusty outer core! That reminds me I need to call that girl back.

Remember that you are alone so very alone. This saying wouldn't have been so sad if it hadn't been scribed on the inside of my last birthday card and signed love Grandma.


unrecognizable said...

watermelons use to be round or oblong, but now they are grown in square boxes so that they fit in the fridge. If he Japanese can do that to a watermelon, Who is up there changing the shape of our earth from flat to round?

pipsmithy said...

I just spewed Coke after that internet comment. Thanks a lot.