Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Why do they call it shampoo instead of head soap or hair cleaner? I just try and avoid anything with the word poo in it.

Cave men discovered fire Einstein discovered relativity. E=MC'2 is quite famous but stick+stick=meat cooker just doesn't get the credit I think it should.

Yogurt is a bacterial reaction that you add fruit to and it turns something kind of gross into something great. Maybe we should take this approach with cancer and give it a funny hat or something.

My work did not go for the 4/10's idea I had, where you work 4 days at 10 hours and take Fridays off. I think my plan for 2/20's might just aggravate them.

I sometimes feel like I am seeing life through a sort of haze, a thick smoke that makes the future hard to see. My arresting officer said it was probably just the arson fire.

Fire can clean, it can renew a forest, it can sterilize surgical equipment, but it can't bring back Grandma in fact it does the opposite.


Tonia said...

What's a though?

Syden said...

Though's are when I am really tired and right on the edge and can't spell. Happy now! :)

unrecognizable said...

Are you planning something awful for Grandma???