Thursday, May 7, 2009

You have died of dysentery

As a child in grade school like many of you I played Oregon Trail. I learned the joys of history, how to literally push your family to death, and why you should always go into the wilderness with no food at all and plenty of ammo. With these valuable life lessons and of course the upset stomach I have today I bring you the following.

Always make sure your food is cooked and thoroughly scared.

When going in a public place make sure and bring a pocket knife, paper clip, and some duct tape. I don't know how those would help in this situation I just know Macgyver always seemed to have them on him.

And when the dysentery finally does kill you as we learned in Oregon Trail make sure and have a backup plan.


pipsmithy said...

Have you seen the updated iphone version of Oregon Trail? Nothing like getting a new generation into killing off your family from starvation or scurvy. A great stress reliever so you don't kill them in person.
I like the egg picture. Haven't seen that one before.

Syden said...

Lol Pipsmithy I'll have to try that out nothing says family values like making Jimmy walk on that broken leg till he dies.

Tonia said...

Makes me want to play Oregon Trail. You need to go check out my blog again. I don't think all the pics showed but I think I fixed it. Then you can say Ahhhh again and then have an excuse to ogle some more girls. Is that how you spell ogle? Funny that it looks like ogre.

Lori said...

We totally dig this blog!

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-Lo and Li