Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Diet Fad that realy works!

I have been wanting to get on the diet fad band wagon for a long time now. Not the loose weight side of it, the making money off of people with low self esteem part. My plan is simple and has 5 steps.
Step 1: Enroll in my eating guide plan helper thing and pay me money.
Step 2: Buy the crappy food I found in the back of my fridge that I tell you is healthy
Step 3: Buy some snack food bars that is basically peanut butter rolled in something sticky. But only the ones I sell.
Step 4: Pay me more money to join the super platinum members club
Step 5: Give me a great testimonial because you are to embarrassed to admit that you payed me way to much money for something that didn't work. Then tell all your friends it's great.

I will be a millionaire by Christmas.


unrecognizable said...

you don't own the diet plan 'Figure 8' do you, or 'Go figure'. It really hasn't worked and yes did cost too much money, but I thought it was just me. But because I did spend too much just wanted to say that it is the most wonderful diet plan in the world, and all my friends should join

pipsmithy said...

Start now. You could be set up by the end of summer. All those people trying to get ripped for swimsuits.