Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I came, I saw, I got bored and went home early

Rainy days always make me think of that one time that I peed off of a cliff, and it makes me realize. God must really be up there and it looks like he had another big gulp.

My dad bought me a new video game called homicide, it was a gun with a broken extension cord taped to the end of it. The instruction book was just a napkin with a name written on it. It was really realistic the guy I had to kill on my first mission even looked like my dads boss. I am waiting for part two to come out it's called conviction and life in jail.

Girls don't like it when I stare at them but they don't seem to like it when I ignore them either. So my new method is making eye contact for exactly 15 seconds then I run screaming from the room. So far I think its working.


Tonia said...

You need a new hobby. Have you considered stamp collecting?

Syden said...

I have a hobby but can't discus it due to the court order