Monday, April 6, 2009

My Best Date ever

My best date ever.

She showed up an hour late which was ok I understand that girls like to get dressed up. And wearing those sweat pants that say juicy stretched across the back where probably pretty hard to squeeze into. We had a bit of a drive to restaurant I thought we could talk but she decided to text some friends. We got to the restaurant late got seated in the back and the server didn't bring us hardly any food. But it was good because instead of talking during the meal she decided to text some friends. We left I was hungry. Arrived at the comedy club were we where assaulted by the who's who of the most non funny comedians in all the land. They gathered near and far to bore the living crap out of me. My date didn't seem to mind or notice because she spent the night texting. When it was finally over we decided to end the night but it was alas not to be. Because my car was gone. It had been towed so after about an hour and a half of getting the run around with the tow truck guy. He decided to generously give me my car back for the low low cost of 200 dollars. I drove her back to her car where she promised to text me. Of that I have no doupt.


Tonia said...

My theory is that she lied about her age. That is why you couldn't pick her up at home. That also might be why she had absolutely no maturity....although I do know a few adults like that.

Candice said...

OUCH! She sounds like a real winner.

I'm so sorry that didn't work out. ;)

Jeffrey said...

West Valley City. That's all you have to say. West. Valley. City.