Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guest Blogger

Poor Syden is down and out for the count for a few day (do not fear, he will return) and in the meantime has graciously allowed me to mess around with his blog. Being his sister (and favorite sibling) I hung out with Syden a lot growing up. As some of you might have guessed by now he and his friends occasionally played RPG games. I remember well that the pool table downstairs made for an excellent space to fill up with dice, large books with names like Monster Manuel on the cover, and snack foods. In all the time I hung around and watched I only ever played maybe twice. I did pick up a few things though that I like to apply to everyday life.

1. You can have strength, dexterity, wisdom, and intelligence but without charisma no one will actually like you.
2. There are some out there who have no strength, dexterity, wisdom, or intelligence and still manage to have charisma. In other words no matter how weak, inexperienced, stupid or clumsy you are you can still be likeable.
3. Feed the DM. If he isn't happy then no one is happy.
4. If the wizard annoys you, steal his spellbook.
5. Figure out your enemies weakness. And never shoot a skeleton with arrows.
6. If others figure out your weakness then you will be defeated. (And end up buying that kitchen tool the telemarker said you had to have)
7. Campaigns can last a long, long time.
8. Dice do not have to be six sided.
9. Risks can pay off....sometimes.
10. Figurines hurt when you step on them.
11. Your 15 level chaotic elf can sometimes get the snot kicked out of him by a little girl.
12. Not everything is what it seems.
13. Do not drink the unmarked bottle. Even if you think it just might be that healing potion you really need.
14. Do not wake up sleeping dragons.
15. Do not play RPG games with Syden. He has an uncanny ability to roll high.


me,myself, and I said...

I also learned something from those games. There is an imagination inside of all of us, those willing to play those games after the age of 16, 18, 21, 30, have truly embraced that imagination. As long as they don't live at home, have a good paying job, and get out side once in awhile to do other things, they are not the nerds we thought they were, they are actually brilliant. It may lay in the hands of these game players to defeat the dragons in Washington and save the day

Jeffrey said...

All true things.

.:Anna:. said...

hahaha good stuff... you can also trade the collectables for pottery!

Someone actually told Dustin about their fantasy with Bumblbee? OMG I'm going to vomit in their shoe.