Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What kind of vampire is your new boyfriend?

With the recent upswing of vampire culture out there I'd bet that a lot of you gals out there want to know how to tell what kind of Vampire your new boyfriend is.

1. Does he drink your blood and leave you for dead? This is a sign of a bad vampire.

2. Does he sparkle in the sunlight? This is an indication of a gay vampire who used to much body glitter.

3. Does he show up in your room while you are sleeping and stare at you creepily? While this might seem romantic to some of you lunatics out there he is stalking you much as a wolf stalks food. This is a stalker Vampire.

4. Did he make you give up your college options to "be with him forever" even though he doesn't have a job? This is a trailer park vampire the house he took you isn't his he was squatting in while the tenants where away for the summer. All he wants to do is leave you knocked up with vampire spawn and leach off your bank account.

5. Is he over 100 or even over 35 years old? Think about it this. Dude is a total perv vampire you are like 16.

6. Is he cold and clammy to the touch? This is a sick vampire don't touch him he probably has the clap.

7. Did your supposed vampire live through the civil war? Maybe you should ask him some history questions and see if he knows anything at all or if he is a goth who is hard up for a prom date. This is a fake Vampire.

8. Did your new vampire boyfriend put you in between a three way war between Werewolves, bad vampires, and himself? This is a douche vampire make him settle the score before you start dating.

9. Has he ever indicated that he wants you to be his eternal bride before he has even had a conversation with you? This is a Model hunting vampire sure its nice to know that you are cute and all but in 50 years when the shine wears off your eternal apple he is going to find a new child bride to creep it up with.

10. Does he burst into flames when confronted with a cross, sunlight, fire, or when stepping on holy ground? This might be a keeper at least you have an insurance policy if he starts cheating on you or tries to steal your soul. We will call this one a controllable vampire.

I hope this helps you in your dating prospects.


Tonia said...

I like the body glitter one.

me,myself, and I said...

In the mist of all the twilight drama, I think every girl should look deep into their hearts and face the fact, That bad boys don't make good husbands. Plus grow up and realize that vampires aren't real.

GIANTS FAN said...

Hey great site!

I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links with us. Let me know if this is possible.



Morgan said...

HILARIOUS! oh these crazy vampire loving girls... thanks but no thanks for me thank you very much!!!