Monday, July 13, 2009

Something random for your Monday

I went to take a bath this weekend to ease some sore muscles. When the water was about half full I put my left hand in, it was to hot so I took it out immediately and changed the settings. About 2 minutes later I went to check again, my left hand still a bit shy I put my right hand in. The water was just right so I put my right hand out and shook the water off. At this point I figured I would turn myself around because that's what it's all about. HOKEY POKEY!

I think that the army calling its cloths "fatigues" is sending the wrong message from now on they will be known as "awares" or maybe "wideawakes" or even "Don'teventryitIwilldestroyyourwholecountrywiththepushofabutton pants."

While driving I like to imagine what all the people I see are doing. That guy is taking his dog on a death march, That Girl is on her way to break up with her boyfriend, Those two guys are putting that girl in the front seat of that van and she looks dead...... That last one is actually true I might be contacted by the police any day now.

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Tonia said...

Arbitrary. I wanted something arbitrary for my Monday, not something random.