Monday, July 20, 2009

Bored at 4 am

So around 3:30 this morning I got bored trying to sleep I rolled over and laid there for another half hour before deciding to start my day. Now I don't know if anyone else has felt this peculiar sensation before where you are so tired that you could actually cry but can't sleep and it literally bores you to try. So now after lolly gagging around the house (that's right I can lolly gag with the best of them) I decided to come to work a few hours early for no other reason than I had nothing better to do. In the past I have come up with interesting things to do at 4am but that was when I had a roommate in the same room as me to torment, there was a t.v. show I hadn't watched yet, or my laundry needed doing. So now I am looking for suggestions from any of you. What do you do at 4am when you can't sleep. My sock puppet show is the most requested but I am tired of doing it for just me as an audience, last time I clap when it was over and killed two of my favorite sock puppets may they rest in peace.


me,myself, and I said...

You could sell infomercials? Since you are not sleeping anyways, there is a whole audience of unsuspecting people that you could torment in the middle of the night trying to sell them something that will never do what the commercial says it does, and they can't afford it anyways. Just think of the joy you could have convincing some other poor soul who has become so bored that they actually watch those things that they actually need two.

Tonia said...


Ship Stability for mates and masters said...

If I knew the answer I wouldn't be here reading this blog

Allie said...

I also struggle a bit with insomnia. I got really sick this winter (well, winter and spring... it lasted about 4 months) and my sleep schedule got all effed up, so now I can't really fall asleep much before 4:00 AM either. Here's what I do to entertain myself:



Listen to iPod

Walk around town and just think (it is such a quiet time of the morning)

Hang out with my pet rats because they are nocturnal and really happy about the nighttime attention (this is probably my favorite part of insomnia)

Make funny faces in the mirror. If I find a really good funny face, I'll run over to my computer and use Photobooth to take a picture of myself.

Watch infomercials and argue with the product promoter. It sounds lame, but sometimes I can make myself laugh.

Syden said...

That doesn't sound lame Allie sometimes that sham wow guy needs to be argued with.