Sunday, July 5, 2009

Declaration of Independence 1st draft

Dear Thomas,
About the first draft of the Screw you England! Manifesto. We have some minor changes that we would like to see nothing major. The first section were you talk about everyone being equal maybe instead of "British Nancy boys need not apply" perhaps we could change it to all men are created equal. The title needs some work Instead of a manifesto we could make it a declaration and something about liberty or something. Um lets just scratch the whole 3 pages about King George III's mother and keep it on task. And why the hell is it so wordy? I mean half the people in the colonies can't read and the other half give up two paragraphs in. Don't think I didn't see the part that Washington snuck in near the end about becoming supreme ruler of the universe and everyone being required to wear white wigs. (whats that all about?) I put it to a vote and he is off the project his shenanigans and tendency to run away in combat wearing tights has not impressed the rest of the committee. Also tell John Hancock when we redo the next draft that his name is WAY to small I couldn't even read it tell him to man up already. And finally Tom try to write a little more legibly this time. Thanks

P.S. I just got a note from Washington he said that if we change his part then he isn't going to sign it. What a baby.

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