Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things that don't make sense to me

Sayings that don't make sense at all:

Sub par: Coined from a golf term par is the amount of strokes you get to get the ball in the hole. If something is sub par or under par then that should be a good thing. So when I told that girl that she looked sub par yesterday she should have taken it as a compliment. Instead of kicking me in the crotch on the elevator.

Irregardless: If something is irregardless then it is not regardless but they are supposed to mean the same damned thing. I am going to start saying irregrettable and see if it catches on.

Have your cake and eat it to: Am I stealing cake to eat? Of course I am going to eat my own cake.

The whole nine yards: What the hell is measured in nine yards? In football you would be one yard short. Seriously why would I go nine yards.

There is more than one way to skin a cat: .......Um that's nice Joe I am going to call the police and tell them you are torturing animals again.

Slept like I baby: Babies sleep for about two hours wet themselves and cry. Ok I guess I did sleep like a baby.

Other random things I think about:

If quizes are quizzical what are tests?

Why does my toaster have a setting that would make a charcoal briquett

Corn oil is made from corn vegetable oil is made from vegetables we need to stop the production of baby oil immediately!!

Einstein theorized that nothing could reach the speed of light, I give you the speed of darkness.

My bank charged me money for having no money in my account I think they will be shocked when I can't pay them.

Hemorrhoids and asteroids should switch names, also crabs will now be called cockroaches.

Why are slow children crossing so many streets?

I wonder what the braille at the drive up atm says? Lets do the top 5
5. You have no idea how lost you are right now.
4. You are about to be hit by a car.
3. Seriously I mean seriously you shouldn't be driving!
2. Get a new seeing eye dog this on is retarded.

Ok enough random for today


The Shark Guys said...

I always wondered why a surgeon general was neither a surgeon, nor a general..

Lunatron (aka Jamie) said...

The baby oil thing is mortifying. I'm afraid to throw it in the trash because it may look like I'm hiding evidence.