Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blind date translation guide

When you are going to be set up by a friend here is a handy translation guide.

Sweet spirit: Needs to be buttered before going through a door (may come pre-buttered)

Anything your mother says: Wrong, and she obviously doesn't know your type but wants grandchildren at the earliest possible moment and this girl had nice wide birthing hips.

She is just your type: This is vengeance for the wrongs you have done to me.

Great conversationalist: She will literally bore you to death.

Really smart girl: There is no way she will like you.

No really she's cute: Still wears pig tails and not the sexy way.

Likes all the same things you do: She is a stalker

This is going to be really fun: My girlfriend wont go out unless I bring you for her friend.

You've never met a girl like her: She is going to committed at the end of the month.

Nice personality: She is protected by green peace as the last land walking whale.

I have no idea I am only setting you up because you are really desperate and she works in my office: Love at first sight.


drc8151 said...

Very helpful - Form my experience, quite accurate as well.

Taylor Clan said...

Ohhh! PTSD! Why must others feel it their calling in life to see you married off.

1. Your answer: If she's so wonderful why don't you date her.

2. My last blind date ended up in a marriage. 17 years is a long date.