Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contra The Later Years

In a rare tell all interview with the red guy:

As the 'guy in red pants' I was secondary to the 'guy in blue pants' I will never forget that day why did I decide to wear red pants WHY!

Why was it so hard to be the guy in red pants Commander?
You just don't understand as the guy in red I was expected to be the bottom guy, the one in the trenches swimming across motes as bridges exploded above me. Then there was the supply blimps.

What was so important about the supply blimps?

What was so important! What was so important! That was the guns man! The key to our survival but the Blue guy got them all! The Spread, the machine gun all of them! I was left to the single shot crap rifle! He kept insisting that I would get the next one but no! Oh I got that last one on accident how do you accidentally equip yourself with a new gun!!!

Commander Calm down please

Calm down! Calm down! WHY where we even there man? They just dropped us in the freaking jungle and guys where shooting at us like they knew we where coming it was some kind of sick joke.

Well its not like it was that hard with the code you know the up, down, left, right..

DON'T YOU SIT THERE AND SPIT CODE AT ME!!! Don't you think I know the code!? But you don't understand it's like crack man once you use the code you can't un use it. You find that you need it you can't do the missions without it. Its got a hold on you. You find yourself doing it every mission before the action even starts you start coding up. So do sit there and tell me it was easy! I spent 7 years in rehab to get rid of my code addiction.

I'm sorry I didn't know

Well you outta know man, you outta.

After that he spent 4 hours crying trying to hit select start

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drc8151 said...

>>>>as the guy in red I was expected to be the bottom guy

Uhmm....I'm not quite sure how you mean this. Is that like 'catcher and receiver"?