Friday, February 20, 2009

The Very modle of a modern Major Techie guy

In my mind it is set to the The Pirates of Penzance Major General song.

I am the very model of a modern major techie guy
I work on computers all day and night trying to make them not die
I know the codes of sql, java, php, and the language of the internet.
Which makes my humor sometimes socially inept
And when I ROFL on the floor at something that I have just seen
I log on to Facebook, mail, and my blog, to link the screen
I am a geek so proudly and hope that you would join our ranks
Otherwise we’ll mock you Noob hold on a sec I have to tank
So what I am saying might sound somewhat weird to you
But I love my geekdom it’s not just a job I have to do
I logic out the problems that would probably make your head explode
And yes restart your computer and your outlook will surely load
Now I have to code a while to make something that you did alright
Don’t worry ‘bout the overtime I don’t really sleep at night
As long as managers continue to act this way I know I’m great
I’ll have job security for I have their mistakes on my plate
My schedules full for now and it won’t change anytime soon
Because I have all the passwords and that would spell their doom
It is so great to be a modern major techie guy
And if you piss me off I’ll hack the nukes and we all will die
So be nice to your IT they know your secretes in and out
We read your email listen to your calls so please have no doubt
We could destroy you but we choose to sit quietly
We need these paychecks to pay the WOW subscription fees
So have no fear your safe from all us modern major techie guys
As long as you leave us alone we’ll promises to make it look like we try.


The maid said...
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The maid said...

Tonia stole your operetta. It should be on Broadway. Face Techies are our HERO'S. I deleted my first comment due to not using spell ck.