Monday, February 16, 2009

Rules for IT headaches

1. There will always be a bigger idiot
2. Each day that nothing goes wrong only makes the day when it all goes wrong worse.
3. so called 'drop tested' laptops might as well be made of glass.
4. If it is possible to break something they will find a way
5. Seriously how did you mange to break that (see number 4)
6. Water proof does not apply to barbeque sauce
7. Never underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups.
8. Management has nothing to do other than to make you pay for knowing more than they do.
9. Buying a Mac will not make your iphone, itunes, or youtube, work any better than a PC especially if you have never used one.
10. Yelling Please God make it stop almost never helps.
11. They are all out to get you hide as long as you can.
12. Just because it doesn't work for you does not mean that it doesn't work.
13. Telling someone to restart there computer is pointless, they will always lie to you they will never restart, when asked they will always answer I did that like 10 times already.
14. I don't know if you can hate someone to death but I think I am close to a break through (you know who you are).
15 Just because your computer started acting funny when you used the phone to call Aunt Sally but only on Tuesdays does not mean there is a correlation to why your youtube video won't load. Thank you for your input, now sit quietly while I try to stop the voice in my head that is telling me to maim you.
16. Why do I hate you, you ask? It might be because I have been here for two days after you sent the entire company a virus via forwarding porn when you accidentally hit send to all. It might be because you yelled at me this morning because your email wasn't working after you got our company on a blacklist for sending spam. But I am guessing it is because you stole my weekend you twit!
17. I hate you
18. No I really truly hate you
19. I get along with every kind of person from every walk of life but I still hate you.
20. When I sent you that email that said you are being monitored this is what I meant

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The maid said...

The date you published this is the day you helped me ^-^.