Monday, February 9, 2009

Reasons I hate my job

I have tried desperately to become a caring IT guy I have tried to be patient I have tried to explain things as many times as needed so that people understand. But I now realize why IT guys are generally known as unhelpful, or jerks, or insane. It is because of all of you! We try to help you we show you that double clicking means clicking twice, we have tried to answer your insane questions like. My CD drive doesn't work sometimes when I am on facebook why is that? It might be because we hate you, or those two things might be totally unrelated. But just because your mind has jumped to the conclusion that when you are typing in Word and listening to music at the same time the internet doesn't look like the shade of blue it normally does. Does not mean that it's true or that I should care or that you want me to spend time trying to see why. I now hate all of you I tried to be nice but the gloves are off if I have to show you something for the twentieth time in four days I should get to hit you and hard. Maybe then some of these things will stick in that empty sponge you call a brain. Also I would like to thank you for the amazing amount of job security I have.

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The maid said...

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. I think the day you wrote this you were helping both me and my sister ^-^.
We Love You!