Friday, February 6, 2009

The reason I love my Job

This is an actual email I sent this morning to the head of the sales department. He has been bugging me about his email getting spam all week. I tried to explain that he in fact signed up for the emails that he was getting and it takes time after you unsubscribe for them to stop. Instead of listening he decided to start forwarding all of his spam mails to me. This was my response. (Names have been changed to protect.....well, me)

Regarding your spam,
Since I only unsubscribed you from their mailing list Monday and their disclaimer was to allow 2 weeks for changes to take effect please be patient during this trying time. If you would like I could log on to your account each morning and evening to make sure that these blights are never an eyesore on your computer screen again. The IT department sincerely apologizes for our transgression and we will have a department meeting post haste to brainstorm on ideas to make this transitional period more comfortable for you. If you would allow us this great boon of time to work on the problem we would forever be in your dept. From the greatest depths of my heart from the deepest recesses of my soul I apologize that a spam got through our obviously inferior defenses and assaulted you. If you could submit a drawing of where the spam touched you it would greatly help in our investigation. Or to say it in another way; be patient and the problem will work itself out. Your friend in the IT department,

Syden Insomniac
IT Manager

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The maid said...

Could you please log into my emails also and delete too? I think that you could actually start a company of people who stay up all night (you know insomniacs and have them delete people's spam for them, and make a lot of money. Of Course there could be a few issues with identity theft and privacy, but haven't we already given up most of that for comfort!