Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Terminator 5: Rise of the Muppet cyborgs

To me this should be a picture for the next terminator film. Half Woman, Half Cyborg, with a Muppet leg and wearing a mini skirt with her sidekick horse peering from a bomb shelter and planing what must be my annihilation. I mean why else would he be down there? This will most likely be the poster for the new movie Terminator 5 Rise of the Muppet Cyborgs (title and artwork still pending). The plot being that once that Skynet found out that John Connor was able to detect Terminators in Human form, liquid form, and somewhat liquid somewhat human form. They hatched a daring plan involving getting into Johns secret bunker by appealing to his masculine side by making a beautiful cyborg but also to his lost childhood by making her part Muppet. She obviously couldn't just fly a Skynet death glider into the bunker so they gave her a sinister horse named Mr. Dead (yes like Mr. Ed but dead) to ride in on. I think that it will be the best movie in the franchise since Terminator 1 and is rumored to have guest appearances by Grover and of course Animal (well at least his leg anyways). I can't wait for it to hit theaters.


Tonia said...

Yeah - the horse's head is a little creepy. Maybe this could also be the poster for the new GodFather. She owned the horse whose head was severed and now she is back for revenge. Yeah - a little farfetched but I am running on a lot of caffeine this morning. Have a good day ;)

The maid said...

I really think you should send a rough script to Jim Hennson (except I think he died). Oh well