Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Korean boy

Dear 12 year old Korean boy,

Although I appreciate it when you respond to my online dating profile posing as a hot girl. Please stop sending the same message it makes me think the hot girl is insane. Also when asking questions be more subtle don't just blurt out what is your mothers maiden name or what was your first girlfriends name then immediately go into if you had to choose a password what would it be. The pictures you send while I would like to believe that you are in fact a super model it might be a good idea not to use actual super model pictures. And if you do decide to send me a Victoria's secret picture and say that it is you, you should at least try and use the same model in all the pictures. I know that you are trying to get my social security number and if you could spell social security it might just help you out. So my tiny Korean friend keep trying because even if you where just trying to steal my credit card number at least you responded.

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