Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Just in Wing Commander Still Sucks

So I remember years ago before the genera of video games to movies was still somewhat unexplored a group of friends and I went to see the highly anticipated Wing Commander. It was laughable at best in fact I do recall we laughed quite a bit. Someone suggested to me that the movie would only be good if you where on drugs. As luck would have it my recent bout with kidney stones let me test this theory. And guess what even on heavy pain killers Wing Commander still sucks. But not to waste the experience I decided to test some other things. The enhanced Star Wars when Han Solo talks to Jaba the Hut in the Hanger it still looks as though he is made of a combination of pudding and poo but I did giggle a little more on drugs. Veggie Tales the Movie was down right hysterical on drugs. Ultra Violet on drugs made a lot more sense. And finally 'Indiana Jones and the Mysterious bout with aliens that are made of magnetic crystal' still felt like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg took it in turns to take Harrison Ford from behind. At least that's what it felt like yes even on drugs. So I hope that clears some things up drugs just can't make some movies better yes they where that bad.


Tonia said...

Army of Darkness. Watch that one on drugs. Funny without. Better with.

Jeff and Anna too! said...