Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super random thoughts

Do you think cookie monster ever gets a fig newton in the mix and just freaks out?

Do Canadians get as mad as I do when they find an American quarter mixed in with their change while standing at vending machine and craving chocolaty goodness?

I think I might have post traumatic boredom disorder from last weekend. Seriously I am still shaken up about how bored I got.

Your not rock bottom when you attempt to commit suicide you are at rock bottom when you fail. I mean seriously can't you do anything right? (I didn't think I could feel bad about my random thoughts until just now)

Do you think that maybe the Germans didn't mean it during world war one and it was just a truth or dare game that got admittedly out of hand? Of course the world war two rematch was completely inappropriate.

I think bigfoot may have shaved himself and is currently passing him self off as a southerner with down syndrome. How else can you explain it.

1 comment:

Tonia said...

The World War Two being inappropriate made me laugh. I personally think big foot is the guy on the commercials. Is it for insurance? You know, the neanderthal (totally thought that would come up as being spelled wrong so it is not my fault if it is.)