Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Act VI #2 Pencil is #1

This sham has gone on long enough. Ever school child, every College student who has ever taken a test knows the importance of the number two pencil. It has taken the nation by storm over the last fifty years coming into every facet of our lives. From that note left by your roommate to the doodle to pass the time we turn to our old friend. What better companion do you have when you need to bite and chew on something? Not those jerks over at Bic who leave an inky mess in your mouth, NO! I say stand up and be heard! Number two our friend our brother always there when we need you. But still we refuse to acknowledge the tried and true number two. Isn’t it time to drop the facade and proudly say number two pencils take your rightful place as number one!


loosecannon said...

I agree with your noble quest to promote the #2 pencil. We at the legendary blog "Are You F---ing Kidding Me?"" are also waging war on other important subjects. Check us out.

Real Life. Real Shenanigans.

For your efforts, we are giving you 3 smiley faces on humorblogs.

LC and the RUFKM Army

Danielle Fox said...

So let me get this right, when you're bored you like to put a number 2 in your mouth and chew it?