Friday, August 15, 2008

Act II Get Back to work

Work = Negative Energy
I like work, I have a good job were I feel appreciated (waits for laughter to die down from coworkers.) But as I understand it most people don’t like there jobs. But I have to admit that there are Monday’s that the cold grip of death is all that can get me out of bed at the crack of dawn to earn my meager pittance. But if I go to work earn my dues come home upset then go back again, were does this build up of negative energy go to? It simply compounds over and over again year after year until there is a little meter in your head that starts judging just how many years you are willing to be put away for, for the sniper rifle and clock tower approach that you’re itching for. So instead of the criminally insane approach I suggest this: Tape off a corner of your desk approximately one foot by one foot. The next time someone comes into your office and starts talking stare at it longingly. Wait until they ask one of the following questions: “What is that?” “Are you Ok?” “Will you work this weekend?” “Is that report I handed you 8 seconds ago done yet?” (Or any variation of these questions that might be more appropriate to you.) As soon as they ask begin smashing your head against the tape off area until they leave, call the police or until you pass out. I submit that this is the perfect way to get rid of that pent up negative energy. You will also find that people around the office ask you to do less and less until you are completely alone to seek the activity of choice. You no longer need to take it out on your friends coworkers or loved ones simply smash you problems away. Note: Smashing problems away may cause brain damage and or a sticky red substance to leak from your ears.

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