Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Side Act 6: Commercialism

Is that fruity cereal actually magically delicious or is it just a cleaver marketing scheme? Because I don't see magic in the ingredients anywhere. Unless you count ground up smurf #5, wait I thought Gargamel was using them to make gold not cereal.

I don't think Gillet is in fact the best a man can get. My can left me for a hunky fireman. (For sensitive skin my ass.)

I think that they should make a caveman movie, based on the caveman show, that was based on the caveman commercial, that was based on a really lame saying. Ya I'd go see that I mean what could be better than a really, really, really long Geico commercial?

I don't want to alarm anyone but I checked the symptoms on Web M.D. and I think that the energizer bunny is in all actuality on crack. But hey as long as he keeps my stuff running and I don't have to bail him out of jail to often I guess it works out.

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