Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am tired of calling them all side acts: 14

There is a point in everyone's life that they get emotionally fatigued. This can be for any number of reasons or no reason at all. The lights are too bright the sounds are too loud and those around you are just too stupid. For what ever reason you get to the breaking point and have to do something to unwind and start over. Now lets talk about physical fatigue. When you don't sleep well a few nights in a row (or months or years in some of our cases) then have strenuous activities you must attend to when you bring your body to the breaking point until it screams that it can take this abuse no more and shuts down. Back to that in a moment. Stress related fatigue is a mix between the first two there is so much weighing down on you that eventually you want to scream but you are too tired from listening to illogical people make terrible decisions and are left holding the bag when all is said and done. Now to the point: Once in a while these three fatigues hit you all at once Emotional, physical, and stress in a perfect stress storm which I am calling superfantasticdraino pronounced super-fantastic-drain-o the 'o' at the end should make the sound of a robot powering down, like OOOooo lower and lower until it sort of fades out into nothing. Why super fantastic you ask well that's because in this state of utter uncaring everything becomes crystal clear the crap you have to wade through day in and day out dissolves into nothing and all that is left to you is either your pillow or the arduous climb up the clock tower with a sniper rifle. Luckily my sniper rifle was at the cleaners so I opted for the pillow. This state can cause career changes, divorces, and great late night comedy. It is the sole reason for the sporks invention and why so many people are on Prozac. So next time you feel everything coming together in one giant pile of despondency amplified by not sleeping and the urge to kill your coworkers. I urge you to sigh turn off the lights and laugh until you cry and really enjoy your superfantasicdraino. Note long periods of superfantasticdraino can cause death and insanity for more information on superfantasticdraino visit your local doctor. Superfantasticdraino is not for everyone consult your physician before trying to reach a period of superfantasicdraino. Superfantasticdraino is not meant to treat or diagnose any illness and is in fact a made up word.


Jeff and Anna too! said...

Mooooom! Dustin is making up words that I can't pronounce right again!!!!

Co workers that bad? Do they drink coffee? Consider messing with it.

The maid said...

I want to know what Moooom means. Does it include exposing any part of your body to people? And for Superfantasticdraino (I hope I spelled that right because spell check had a problem with it), I have experienced it, and am glad someone finally put a name to it. Well I'm going to gooooo.