Monday, November 2, 2009

Things that bother me

A small list of things that bother me feel free to add to it in the comments section.

Girls in books or shows who think that they can change a Vampires after 265 years of being blood sucking monsters.

Why do movies that have the technology to show me really cool fight scenes decided at the last minute to hand the camera to the kid with seizures during all the intense action? Thus making me nauseous and completely miss what is actually happening except the gist yes, they fought got it… thanks for nothing.

Chain letters even if they have a good point, something funny, or a great picture that I might have considered forwarding on anyways. If I get to the bottom and it tells me to send it to 7 people or I will die a grizzly death it goes to the garbage. Stop it! A forward of a forward of a forward is no longer mail and will no longer be tolerated.

When a girl plucks her eyebrows till they no longer exist then draw them on with a blue pencil. Let me tell you what guys look for in eyebrows. Are there two of them? Can you see out from under them? That is all.

I saw an interesting preview, my friends went to see it and said it was great, so I go to the video store to rent it and all they have is the Uncensored and uncut version. There is usually a reason it was cut and censored and I want to see the damned version that got good reviews. Not the 7 hour version of dances with wolves! Note there is actually a 7 hour version of Dances with Wolves. I do not recommend this unless you are masochist with a death wish and think rising action is a guy riding on a horse for two hours.

When I reply to a coworkers morning greeting of “How are you?” with the obligatory “good, how are you?” And they respond by telling me all about their problems for the next 45 minutes. If we are friends great, if I only talk to you because I am forced to by company etiquette please leave me alone.

When people ask me if I have seen a movie, I tell them no but I am going to see it later then they talk about key plot elements in front of me insisting that it ruins nothing. Little secret if it was note worthy then it does matter!!!

When I am watching a show online or on T.V. and the commercials are way louder than the show.


Tonia said...

They are actually doing a petition right now to make commercials at the same volume as the shows. Crazy. I always thought something was wrong with my ears but apparently they are louder.
Another thing that bothers me - people who e-mail me pictures of animals in 'cute' poses.

Jeff!!! said...

Also, people who talk in the movie theater. We all know they are going to hell... or Congress.

Also, I tend to hate Congress.

me,myself, and I said...

and friends who aren't really friends who continually call and ask you do do things for them. I think they do this in hopes of becoming actual friends. Hint, it's not going to happen.

Tonia said...

People who text in the movie theater. Also, you can talk but only if it is really, really funny and the movie is really, really lame.
(I was reading the comments and had to add some more)

Rachael said...

I agree with everything here, especially your eyebrow comment and the 'how are you?' one. But to add on to that, it bothers me greatly when people are like:
'How are you?'
You: 'Good.'
Them: 'Good.'
You: '(awkwardly)How about you?'
You: '...good...?'
Them: 'Good.' (twitch)
I love that word...

SafeAndSound said...

People who reply to text messages with one word...or even worse "k"...