Friday, December 19, 2008

ACT 24: New years resolution

3 Score and last year I wrote a resolution to never make another new years resolution. I promptly broke that resolution with my next resolution which was not to eat another cookie. By the way I broke that resolution after finding out that we did indeed have more milk in the fridge. So this year I would like to complicate things a little less by making a resolution to break all new years resolutions within 4 days of new years. But the problem with that is that if my resolution is to break all resolutions I will not be able to complete my resolution to break all resolutions by breaking the aforementioned resolution. So who is with me so far? I lost my train of thought around cookie and just kept typing resolution as often as possible until I found it again. Really the purpose of this post is to punish those of you with hangovers from the night before. I set out to use the word resolution to give you the worst headache you have ever had, which should be working because I am very sober and I can feel a massive migraine forming behind my eyes. Why you ask? Because I hate people telling me that I need to make a resolution each year. So really my resolution is to make you pay for your resolution to make me make a resolution. Oh and just to make sure resolution, resolution, resolution, that’s right I hate you. In case you are wondering the word resolution appears 25 times. Happy New Year.


Tonia said...

You seriously need to post more often or people quit reading the blog and that would be tragic to mankind. With your permission I am going to link this one New Years Day on my blog. I'm waiting for the 1st though

The maid said...

my resolution is to finally getting around to cleaning your fridge so you can find the milk. On the other hand I could just hide the cookies so you don't need the milk!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

You should resolve to ... blog more often.

Ha, the verification word this time was "Terableo" which I automatically ended with a ! at the end. It needs one, don't you think?