Monday, December 28, 2015

I want my perfect comfy back

Remember the good old days in when you would fall asleep and wake up in the morning. Nothing happened in between just good dreams and comfy sheets and soft pillows. But now that beautiful dream of sleeping through the night uninterrupted is shattered by urge to pee. What happened? Seriously I have the same equipment I started with did my bladder shrink somehow? I know blah blah blah enlarged prostates and all that garbage. But women have this problem as they get older too so that’s bull crap. I carefully craft the walls of my comfort level, rearrange my pillows to the cold side gradually step by step. Until finally I have reached a state of perfect comfy I no longer know were my body ends and the sheets begin. Then like a siren call my bladder starts to sing to me. I can’t resist I rush to the bathroom I finish as quickly as possible. But you can never regain perfect comfy it escapes somehow. You try to rebuild but it’s just not the same you can never regain the same level of comfy you left behind. I just want to sleep damn it, I hate you bladder.

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