Thursday, March 18, 2010


Averages: If you where to say the average person slept 7 hours a night by the time they are 80 they will have slept 204400 hrs. I on the other hand only sleep 2-4 hours a night so on average 3 hrs in 80 years I will only have slept 87600 hrs. That is a difference of 116800 hrs or 13.33 years at 80 I will have been awake 13.33 years longer than an average person. Some might think this is cool I on the other hand think that by the time I am 80 I will reach such a state of Uber-boredom that time will cease to exist all together and I will finally unlock time travel. Unfortunately I will realize that the only use for ‘boredom black hole capacitor technology’ (patent pending) is to go back and watch old infomercials of the sham wow guy and that really cool car wax that protects your paint from laser beams.


.:Anna:. said...

When you do unlock time travel I want to know.

me,myself, and I said...

Hey I now sell that car wax that protects your car from laser beams, got the account today.

Sarah said...

I know the feeling-- I had a sleep study done and it turns out that I wake up an average of 16.8 times per hour. This, combined with my intense insomnia, means I am always tired. So I will have been awake 13 years longer than normal people, and boy will I feel like it too!