Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ACT 20: An Apple a day

Mac computers sell themselves as the “safe” alternative. Their claim is that they are easy to use, harder to infect with viruses, and an alternative to computer mainstream. But what are they really? Their symbol is an apple with a bite out of it from their former days of being apple computers, it's simplistic design is known world wide and in fact it is a symbol nearly as old as time itself. How can that be you ask? Think about it, Mac computers are of the devil. When the lord of lies first presented himself to Eve he gave her a shinny apple to take a bite out of. “Take it,” He said, “it will make you seem smarter and it is better than the main stream apples, its shinny and has no viruses and it is easy to use.” And that’s how he got Eve, with his simplistic propaganda and twisting lies! It is easy to use unless you want to print, or network, or do ANYTHING THAT NORMAL COMPUTERS CAN DO! The taint of the original lie hangs on and its name is MAC! So next time you see one do the right think spray some holy water on it (or regular works too) and watch it sizzle. Take the fight back and throw one off a building. Let no unclean thing pollute your desktop and smite it with a hammer of indignation (or a regular hammer also works) and say NO MORE! I’m on to you Mac with your programs that cost extra to do what regular computers can do already and your shinny screens that scream blasphemy and free itunes. And now you are trying to cross over into our world and take on windows as well I say no! Damn your graphical programs and ipods. Take your non compatible ram back to the pit from whence you came. I'm on to you and now is the time to spread the word Macs are of the Devil!

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